We are keen to provide Internet services to our subscribers everywhere, through space network WiFi available in public places and entertainment such as restaurants, hotels, resorts and cafes.

Fast Internet

Do you want to be with the world of speed? Try to contact us we will give you faster service ... Internet exceeds expectations

Exceptional Pricing

Have you tried our new prices? Join us with a good price and faster so as not to miss the opportunity we will provide you with more than excellent service

24/7 Customer Support

A large number of technical and technical staff are constantly working around the clock to provide support to the network

About Us

Space Network is founded in 2018 as an Internet service provider in IRAQ. We started in North region and plan to expand our services to cover whole IRAQ in 2 years. We have designed our network by the best technical experts to offer ‘’ state of the art ‘’ services and quality to our residential and corporate users.

Our Vision

To offer unique service and become choice #1 as internet providers to the users in IRAQ.
Our Mission
Our mission is to provide internet and ICT solutions that suites all customer’s needs and to all segments, gain the trust of our customers as long term trusted partner .



Kirkuk Baghdad Way, Jadua Building

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Contact Phone

Kirkuk : 0750 124 3939
Dyala : 0750 125 6778

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